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Adidas Melee2 Senior Softball Bat 1-pc 12″ End Load


The Legends of the Game Series Bat is for advanced hitters that consistently drive the ball and want more mass at the end of the bat.

Endorsed by Adidas Softball Legends Davey Reed, Bobby Davis, Steve Imlay, and Don Clatterbough.

  • Approved by Senior Softball USA and ISA.
  • The original 1-piece Adidas Melee2 senior softball bats are designed with Adidas’ Taylor Made golf shaft technology to optimize your swing speed and feel like the barrel whips through the hitting zone maximizing your performance.
  • The use of golf-shaft technology provides maximum handle stiffness for longer hits and excellent vibration control to the hitter’s hands.
  • Equipped with Adidas’ foam-backed bat grip adds the ultimate grip in cushion, comfort, and control.
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